Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to Blogging

A combination of the following kept me from blogging over the past few months:
  • Being incredibly busy
  • Blogging twice weekly for the company blog (IOW, being burned out)
  • Not being able to figure out that Google has disconnected my blogger login from my mail/calendar login and that now I need yet more passwords.
I thought the whole idea was to have all my Google stuff in one login, but lo and behold, for some reason, Calendar, Mail and Sites are a separate login from everything else if you have a domain that is not I can't figure out the logic of this being different for mailboxes but not domain mailboxes.

Also, I can't figure out the logic of "Mail, Calendar and Sites". Mail and calendar, yes, but sites, why sites? Mail, Calendar and Docs, maybe. But Mail, Calendar and Sites? Do you know anyone who uses Sites?

Whatever. I'm back and now I am debating about whether to keep the account on now that I no longer have the convenience of 1 login for all Google stuff. I'm thinking about moving Reality Overlaps to my domain. I even started, but that's a whole new bunch of aggravating technical settings to deal with.

What do you think, keep it at blogger or put it on my personal domain?

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